Go Away Lucy, and Take Your Football With You

It is difficult to feel angry about the outcome in June Medical Services v. Russo when it was entirely expected. Most conservatives knew Chief Justice Roberts would come up with some half-baked legal justification to “preserve the integrity of the Court,” so naturally he did so with a ridiculously strict rendering of stare decisis, one which he couldn’t possibly uphold. (And as always a satire site manages to convey the ultimate stupidity of this stance.) So be it.

There was one tweet which caught my attention, and so I republish it here.

It is the usual gibberish from the pro-Moloch “Catholic” left. “Forget about all that abortion stuff, and come join the Democrats so we can enact all the stuff that is not really a part of Catholic teaching but we will insist is as absolutely central to being a good Catholic as belief in the real presence.”

I’ve learned to roll my eyes at this stuff a long time ago. The Catholics for Moloch need some way to look at themselves in the mirror, so it makes sense to create a fake Catechism (while calumniating most other Catholics in the process.) They’re no different than pro-choicers who ramble on about “clumps of cells” and other non-scientific hogwash to be able to come to grips with the fact that they are okay with the legalized murder of unborn children.

We all need to find a way to make it to the next day, I suppose.

And yet there is the slightest bit of truth in this statement. One of course has to ignore that all four of the justices who voted to uphold Louisiana’s law were Republican appointees, and four of the five justices who voted to strike down the law were Democratic appointees. It is, I suppose true that conservatives and Catholics cannot absolutely rely on “their” justices to vote as they would like, whereas Democrats never seem to have to sweat this stuff with theirs.

13 of the 17 justices appointed to the Supreme Court since January 1969 have been Republican appointees, yet Roe not only was made law of the land, it has been entrenched several times – once by a Supreme Court with 8 Republican-appointees (and the one Democrat voting to strike it down). While the judiciary has advanced on several fronts, abortion law is one area where the court remains especially disappointing.

The issue remains that the Supreme Court – and indeed the federal judiciary as a whole – has long ceased to operate effectively within the context of a republican form of government. I am no majoritarian democrat, but the fundamental problems with the Court are not going to be fixed by the “right” appointments. This is why the “what about judges?” argument never came close to persuading me to support Donald Trump. Even if Trump has nailed every single appointment (and I think Gorsuch will be fine in the end), we are no closer to a proper orientation of the judicial branch, and likely will not get there anytime in my lifetime.

On a related note, and once again going through the Twitter account of two-faced frauds, here’s the Lincoln Project’s take:

“True conservatism” indeed.

To quote a mediocre coach, they are who we thought they were.