RIP Rush

I just heard the news about Rush Limbaugh’s passing. I didn’t expect to have it hit me as hard as it has. I stopped listening to Rush at about the time Donald Trump rose to prominence, but for 23 years before that I was a steady listener. I was 15 years old when i tuned into Rush for the first time, and he was at the forefront of my formative political memories.

Rush was simply head and shoulders above everyone else in political talk radio. He didn’t yell. He didn’t scream. He was almost always interesting. Stylistically no one else compares.

What I fondly recall was my father initially hating Rush but then quickly becoming a regular listener. My father was a lifelong Republican but voted for Clinton. It didn’t take long for my father to grow disenchanted with Slick Willy, and before you know it he was there listening to him alongside me. He even quipped that Rush’s “See, I Told You So” must have been written specifically for him.

Whatever disagreements I’ve had with Rush in recent years I will always appreciate what he did for the conservative movement.