Liz Cheney Wins a Round

It is encouraging that Liz Cheney won the vote to remain in leadership, and it wasn’t particularly close. Matt Gaetz storming off like a petulant child who didn’t get his way was the chef’s kiss.

Will this be a short-lived victory? While I think the anger at her back home might be real, I am not certain that when all is said and done she will not survive her primary challenge. Perhaps I am being naively hopeful, but after more than a year emotions may call and more rational voices will come to the fore and Cheney will be returned to the House.

This is less encouraging.

The other big story coming out of the GOP meeting on Wednesday was McCarthy’s decision to keep freshman Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia as a member in good standing despite wildly conspiratorial, bigoted, and violent remarks she made in recent years.

Of course the Democrats being Democrats, decided to overplay their hand and will be holding a vote to strip her of her committee assignments. While I think Republicans absolutely should do this, I think the decision should be left up to the caucus. And when Ilhan Omar is one of the ones leading the charge – well, there’s a saying about glass houses.