Summarizing Voter Fraud Claims

With the help of friend and former co-blogger Darwin Catholic, we have have put together a summary of the voter fraud claims put forth, and the sources debunking these claims. I have tried to be succinct as possible below or else the document would have been about 20 pages. For ion-depth analysis, please refer to the sourced link.

You will see The Dispatch factcheck referenced many times. They are indispensable resource, and I believe these factchecks are available to non-subscribers. I should also note AG Hamilton, who has also put together a summary of allegations, and that is linked to at the end.

If you see anything we missed, or have other resources you would like to share, please feel free to add those in the comments. This will be a “living” document and so will be updated as needed.

Election Fraud Allegations

Claim: In Pennsylvania, more mailed ballots were returned than requested. 

Doug Mastriano, republican state Senator: “Pennsylvania reports having mailed out 1,823,148 ballots, of which 1,462,302 were returned. Yet total mail-in votes number 2,589,242? From where did the extra 2,589,242-1,462, 302=1,126,940 votes come?”

Rebuttal: The senator was relying on information from the primary. The actual number of returned ballots was 2,629,672, out of a total of 3,087,524 mail-in ballot requests.


Claim: Joe Biden outperformed Hillary Clinton in only a handful of cities, all located in major swing states.

Rebuttal: Joe Biden overperformed Hillary Clinton in many major metropolitan areas, and underperformed her in Philadelphia. Joe Biden’s margin largely came from the suburbs.


Claim: Wisconsin had more ballots cast than registered voters.

Rebuttal: The registration numbers had come from the 2018 midterm elections. The number of registered voters in the state = 3,684,726 (with 3,239,920 votes cast). Wisconsin also permits election-day registration.


Claim: More people voted in Detroit than live there.

Rebuttal: About half of Detroit’s registered voters cast a ballot in the presidential election.


Official votes summary:!electionsum_11032020.pdf 

Official voting statistics:  

Claim: More people voted in several Michigan precincts than live in those precincts.

Rebuttal: The precincts were in the state of Minnesota (and the turnout figures are inaccurate there, as well). 


Wayne Country MI registered voters and votes cast by precinct:  

Claim: 138,339 votes appeared overnight in Michigan, all for Biden.

Rebuttal: This was a misunderstanding due to a clerical error.


Claim: Georgia rejected a starkly lower proportion of ballots due to signature issues than in previous election.

Rebuttal: Rejection rates were in line with previous general elections. Higher percentage cited by Donald Trump was of rejected ballots due to deadline issues, not signatures.


Claim: Viral videos show Pennsylvania poll workers filling out empty ballots.

Rebuttal: Videos show workers transcribing damaged ballots which could not be scanned, as per usual procedure. 


Claim: Video shows poll workers burning Trump ballots.

Rebuttal: The video was of workers burning sample ballots.


Claim: Maricopa County officials handed out sharpies to voters, knowing that those ballots could not be properly scanned.

Rebuttal: Sharpies can be read by the machines. Unreadable ballots would also not be discarded and would be duplicated by poll workers, one from each party (see Pennsylvania claim above).


Claim: Voting was mysteriously halted on election night with Trump ahead, and as soon as it resumed Biden pulled ahead.

Rebuttal: Voting stopped to allow poll workers to rest. Also, stopping occurred at different times in different places. 


Claim: There were huge ballot dumps overnight between November 3 and 4 that favored Joe Biden.

Rebuttal: Unlike Florida, which counts absentee ballots as they come in, many states waited to count those votes, and these were tabulated (as predicted) late in the night and early morning. Moreover, these votes did not break significantly more for Biden than what is typical for these locations.


Claim: USPS backdated 100,000 ballots so they could be counted illegally.

Rebuttal: Even if the allegation about USPS is true (and there is no evidence it is), these ballots would not have been counted anyway since no ballot received after 8 PM on election nights were counted.


Claims about Dominion

Claim: President Trump received so many votes it broke Dominion’s vote-rigging algorithm, just as had happened in Venezuela. 

Rebuttal: Elections are far more decentralized in the United States for a comparable vote rigging to take place. 


Claim: Dominion software was used exclusively being used in states President Trump is challenging.

Rebuttal: Dominion is not used in all counties in the contested states, and is used in 28 states and Puerto Rico. 


Claim: Edison Research found that Dominion deleted millions of Trump votes.

Rebuttal: Edison Research categorically denies making such a claim.


Other miscellaneous claims about Dominion rebutted:

“Fishy” election trends

Claim: House and other election results don’t jibe with President Trump’s performance.

Rebuttal: Ticket-splitting is a common phenomenon, and the amount of ticket-splitting in 2020 was actually lower than in previous elections. 


Claim: Despite a palpable lack of enthusiasm for Joe Biden, he overcame Donald Trump’s garnering over 10 million more votes than he did in 2016.

Rebuttal: Donald Trump is unpopular and drove people to vote against him. Biden also fared better in winning over 2016 third party voters. 


Claim: A security video shows Fulton County, GA election workers pulling suitcases of fake ballots out from under a table as soon as observers left.

Rebuttal: Those who watched the entirety of the videos report nothing improper took place. 


Other legal analysis from Andy McCarthy

Other Resources:

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