The Madness Rolls On

A 2018 YouGov poll reported that two-thirds of Democrats believed Russians had interfered with the vote tally in the 2016 election – not just influenced voters through misinformation, but had literally interfered with the tallying. This, despite no evidence suggesting this ever happened, Later that year Stacey Abrams refused to concede to Brian Kemp in the Georgia gubernatorial race despite losing by 50,000 votes. She maintained – and still maintains to this day – she was prevented from becoming governor only though massive disenfranchisement efforts. No evidence was ever brought forth to prove this. After the 2004 election, many Democrats claimed that Diebold election machines had been rigged to give more votes to George W. Bush. No evidence ever proved these accusations.

Republicans have – rightly – mocked Democrats for years for these insane conspiracy theories about the election. Now it seems that Republicans have decided to adopt all of them in one fell swoop.

Instead of disenfranchisement, Trump was cheated because of massive illegal enfranchisement. There were all these mysterious increases in voter registration that benefitted Biden. Except that didn’t happen.

The Dominion software machines gave more votes to Biden. And yet a manual recount in Georgia – conducted under the auspices of the Republican Secretary of State – confirmed the results of the machine count.

Ah, but all of the wild vote swings in favor of Biden were concentrated in four cities. Dan McLaughlin, like Darwin Catholic, analyzed the data and disproved this talking point.

Ah, but why the sudden overnight shift in voting tallies? Easily explained (and also predicted) by anyone with common sense.

Andrew McCarthy, a Trump supporter, has been diligently writing about the Trump legal team challenges, and has noted their deficiencies.

I could go on, and on, and on.

But in a sense it doesn’t matter, because the grift machine rolls on, and as long as there are a few clicks to get and another advertising dollar to earn, the grifters will play to their audience and speak of some imaginary scenario where the house of cards will collapse, and anyone who doesn’t also believe is just a Nazi collaborator.

I would rather just ignore this, but too many people who should know better continue to play along, and it’s all too maddening and depressing.

There is indeed a Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it afflicts many people obsessively opposed to Donald Trump. But it afflicts just as many who think he can do no wrong.

I wonder if Pfizer can work on a vaccine for TDS next.