Meet the Mets (Again)

I watched approximately two minutes of baseball this season. That, along with a few moments of the Stanley Cup playoffs, are the only professional sports I have watched during the COVID times other than golf. There are myriad reasons why, but the sorry shape of the Mets organization is one.

So it’s refreshing to finally have hope again as the Mets are now owned by someone who didn’t grow up rooting for another team (that he tried to turn the Mets into over the years) and who also didn’t fall prey to (or, worse, perpetuate) a Ponzi Scheme. Moreover, Cohen seems to be a genuinely good guy who wants fans to reconnect with the team.

What’s nice about this situation is the Mets already have the core of a good team, so it’s not like he needs to completely gut the roster and start from scratch. With Sandy Alderson back at the helm and possessed of the ability to actually spend money, dare I might say there’s even room for optimism.

What a weird feeling.