2018 Finis

I created this blog at the tail end of the Kavenaugh hearings. At no point in the last three years had I felt as inflamed and passionate about politics as I was during this time, and so I decided to start blogging yet again.

These past three years have been rough politically, and this is especially reinforced every time I hop on Twitter. All of social media has been bad, but everything is magnified on Twitter. This past weekend I flipped back and forth between certain MAGA-nation grifters expressing their lack of #caring about dead immigrants, backed by their legion of cult followers, and the #Resistance crowd – who frequently bellyache about Donald Trump’s callous tone – celebrating the death of a young staffer for the Federalist.

It is at times amusing, and at other times distressing, to note the similarities between MAGA Nation and La Resistance. The former mocks the latter for their snowflake tendencies, even as the former viciously turn on anyone who dares even utter a peep of criticism of President Trump. The former’s cultlike reverence for the current president, meanwhile, is eclipsed only by the latter’s undying devotion to his immediate predecessor, which is itself being eclipsed by their deification of the white Irish skateboarding guy who lost to Ted Cruz. And of course neither side can see the irony of mocking/lauding Donald Trump’s ignorance one moment while lauding/mocking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the idiocy that comes out of her mouth the next.

All this means my passion for writing about politics has waxed and waned. (It should be noted that the time I have to devote to extended writing has almost entirely waned.) Who wants to write about politics when it seems less than ten percent of the population is anywhere near where you are at the moment?

In the end, my lifelong interest in politics cannot simply be snuffed out. So my hope is that in the coming year I can get around to posting more frequently. This blog was never intended to be yet another one dedicated to current events. There are plenty of people who have dedicated their careers to either complaining about Donald Trump or complaining about the people complaining about Donald Trump, and I don’t need to add my voice to this chorus.

With that in mind, to the extent I do write about current events, it will be in the light of constitutional and general political philosophy (this blog should really be hopping around June, then). I will also hope to expand into other areas that tickle my fancy.

And with that, I hope you all have a healthy and happy New Year.